Follow up is the most important act a business or an entrepreneur must make to create new sales while retaining current clients. Unfortunately it is the one area that is easily and often abused.

A recent McGraw-Hill study on follow up shows:

  • Only 10% of Businesses and salespeople follow up past the 3rd contact. Resulting in only a 3% response.
  • By making a 4th contact your response rate TRIPLES to 10%!
  • But, On the 5th contact is when the highest response to your offer occurs?
  • Tragically…
  • Only 10% of Businesses and Sales People will make a 5th follow up contact

Is this because salespeople or businesses are lazy? Statistics indicate it’s because the average executive is wearing so many hats in today’s demanding economy, that follow up is becoming harder and harder as they work to generate revenues. SwingPoint helps individuals as well as medium to large businesses make sure Brand Awareness, Social Media Marketing and nurturing/follow-up programs are run efficiently, effectively and consistently. Because keeping your Brand in the mind of current and potential clients insures your stability, while consistent follow up with relative content to prospects, well past the 3rd contact leads to growth and more sales. SwingPoint combines Brand Marketing with Social Media creating programs that helps you leverage the power of the internet, while not creating a social marketing animal that adds one more task to your to-do list.

Social Media Nurturing Program

  • “Email Marketing is Dead” – this is true if you do not combine your email communications with educational marketing, which we do for you, automatically. Increasing the % of open emails and driving more people to your website, or landing pages that collect data or sell your product or services.


Brand Awareness Programs

  • Brand building is based on consistently introducing “you” in such a way that people begin to recognize your logo, your company jingle, what and who you stand for.  Brand building has long been recognized as the one type of advertising reserved for the upper echelon on businesses because it was too expensive. SwingPoint has cracked the code and now you can begin to build Brand Awareness, without breaking the bank.